Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What we do....

Ok then. Shafted by your boss. Shat upon by your friends. Cheated upon by your lover. Iffy politicians and officials. You know the score-you've been diddled dingied and left in the doodo. Well, we can help you get that glorious self-satisfied feeling only revenge can bring.

Send us your stories with some evidence or proof (we don't do the libel courts here) and we'll print a juicy bit of goss all for you, and, we'll link to some targetted sites to get your revellations across to where it will really hit home...

so, send your stuff to ....  spillingthebeansonyou.gmail.com 

What are you waiting for ???

Monday, 1 November 2010

Just another errant husband- but with a twist !

After trawling the web for stories, word has reached us here on Spilling the Beans of an interesting story of a cheating husband. Thanks to loveneverletsyougo.blogspot.com  for this one...it appears that a prominent member of the Glasgow jewish community has been up to no good ! Charles levine, gabbai with the Masorti Scotland congregation no less has apparently been putting it about a bit....and then some.

 The blog post goes into the sordid details, but it seems to us like another case of a religious hypocrite.... have a look and judge for yourselves. Let us know what you think

And further investigation by Spilling the Beans has revealed that the mysterious mother mentioned in the blog post here is a member of Newton Mearns Synagogue.

Ooh err missus - you couldn't make it up !!!!!